Sunday, January 15, 2012

ekspresi 02 pergerakan kreatif teater

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Part 1 of ekspresi
Ape tu ekspresi??

 Menurut Richard Kraus, Sarah Chapman,BrendaDixon History of the dance In Art and education. Prentice Hall,New Jersey 1991
Spontaneous,Interaction,physical and emotional,between two dancers moving together,rolling and tumbling (falling/ dropping) along the floor,sliding over each other’s bodies,and leaping into each other’s arms. Sensitivity to touch,balance,momentum,center of gravity and personal dynamics yields a continuous flow of activity involving the giving and taking of weight and exchange od active and passive roles “

ni die
our projek start here and it's never end

kitorang heppy okeh even macam-macam ktorang cakap
ktorang enjoy even kadang-kadang terkeluar jgk kata-kata sket sesat


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